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S&P 500 Oversold Stocks

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Stock Scan - Oversold Stock Market Scan

- 11/12/2021 -
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ALL 111.94-2.41%14.3016.57 10 46 1 Downtrend ExhaustionAdd to Watch List
AMGN 206.08-2.51%21.0329.87 4 8 1 Uptrend SupportAdd to Watch List
BSX 41.03-2.47%20.0529.07 4 27 1 Add to Watch List
CAG 30.72-4.74%18.1122.72 5 37 2 Add to Watch List
CCL 20.49-8.36%16.4626.70 7 38 1 11/18/21	Bearish  Three Black Crows
Add to Watch List
COF 151.32-3.49%28.2226.47 10 18 Add to Watch List
CTXS 85.10-5.11%19.9621.34 6 89 1 Add to Watch List
DIS 154.00-3.53%12.4120.08 2 59 1 Add to Watch List
Stock Scan – Oversold Stock Market Scan
Oversold stock market scan presents a list of daily and weekly undervalued stocks. Selection criteria is based on overbought oversold oscillator – Greed/Fear Indicator (GFI). GFI is proprietary overbought oversold index that allows measuring individual stocks and Sector/Industry overvalue/ undervalue conditions. The list is not a buy list, but rather one of stock timing signals presented on our web site. It should be considered together with other stock timing alerts.
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Warning: presents weekly analysis. Technical indicators and trend parameters are calculated for the close of business day indicated on the top right corner of the screen.

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