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Daily D%-Slow:< 20
Number of records: 16
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Trend Analysis and Technical Indicators Scanner - 4/12/2019
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Symbol Weekly GFI Oscillators Trend Analysis Ranking Technnical Candle Watch 
BMY 45.57-2.29%21.3027.52 1 39 1 Add to Watch List
DRI 116.50-2.08%38.0171.74 3 128 1 Downtrend Broken Resist.Add to Watch List
FISV 86.30-3.96%36.2374.71 8 133 1 04/12/19	Bullish  Harami
04/11/19	Bearish  Long Red Real Body
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FXF 92.67-0.31%17.0942.27 1 Add to Watch List
GCI 10.05-3.64%22.6539.96 3 10 1 04/08/19	Bearish  Long Red Real Body
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GE 9.00-10.09%16.6654.04 9 105 1 Add to Watch List
HRL 41.15-1.86%16.3335.32 5 55 Uptrend Support04/10/19	Bullish  Doji
04/09/19	Bearish  Falling Three Methods
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Warning: presents weekly analysis. Technical indicators and trend parameters are calculated for the close of business day indicated on the top right corner of the screen.

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