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Weekly W%R:> 80
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- 6/26/2020 -
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Symbol Weekly GFI Oscillators Trend Analysis Ranking Technical Candle Watch 
BIIB 258.66-4.55%16.2722.34 10 76 Add to Watch List
COTY 4.18-11.44%18.9535.51 6 48 06/25/20	Bearish  Thrusting
06/24/20	Bearish  Long Red Real Body
Add to Watch List
DBA 13.16-2.45%16.6930.92 2 Add to Watch List
GE 6.48-9.37%14.1439.97 8 69 2 06/25/20	Bearish  Thrusting
06/24/20	Bearish  Long Red Real Body
06/23/20	Bearish  Three Black Crows
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JJG 38.00-4.59%15.3926.13 3 06/26/20	Bearish  Long Red Real Body
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JWN 14.69-13.94%12.3735.51 7 2 1 06/22/20	Bullish  Meeting Lines
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M 6.02-12.50%16.0242.30 7 2 1 Add to Watch List
Williams' Percentage Range (W%R)
Williams' %R is an effective momentum indicator that measures overbought/oversold levels. Like other indicators, W%R ranges between 0% and 100% , but in opposite to the other indicators, the 0% indicating overbought and 100% - the oversold stocks. W%R measures the closing price in relation to the recent low/high range. A bullish signal is generated when the W%R has reached 100, five time bars have elapsed, and the W%R has subsequently fallen to 95. A reverse signal is considered as bearish. For the sake of simplicity, the W%R closed above 10% is considered bearish and below 90% - bullish. In trending markets, the W%R stays at one end of the scale and gives false signals to trade against the trend. That is why W%R is not considered a stand-along technique, and it is essential to use it with some sort of trend formation indicators. The divergence between price and W%R rarely occurs and presents an important buy/sell signal. As our research shows, the W%R move to upper or lower bounds can be used as an earliest signal of an impending reversal. Using the Williams %R bullish divergence/bearish divergence, chart patterns, trendlines, support, and resistance lines along with the W%R chart can be very useful.
Williams' Percentage Range - overbought oversold stocks.
Williams' Percentage Range,oversold stocks,overbought,overbought oversold
Williams Percentage Range - Williams %R Bullish Divergence - W%R Bullish Divergence.
Williams Percentage Range,Bullish Divergence,Williams %R Bullish Divergence,W%R Bullish Divergence,W%R indicator,William's Percentage Range
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